Group/School Bookings

We provide a safe and secure environment for people to participate in non traditional / action  sports of Scooter, BMX, Skateboard and inline skate.


The benefits of action/ non traditional sports

Action sports provide a variety of benefits.

The primary is   physical, in that these sports promote motor skills development, general fitness, balance, coordination, and aerobic exercise.

In addition they support   good mental wellbeing,  increasing confidence. 

Self belief comes through conquering fears.

Self-esteem, discipline and patience are developed as new tricks are practiced and perfected.

Social benefits  come from the use of Skateparks as this requires a large degree of sharing and cooperation among the users. Skills are developed in socialisation and participation in social groups.

so why not bring your group to us?

We offer the benefit of discounted session rates and we have a range of equipment available to hire for your visit.

Contact us now to arrange your booking by emailing

The use of protective headwear is compulsary at all times in our skatepark!

Where to Find us

Junction4 Skatepark (next to Darwen Vale School), Blackburn Road, Darwen, BB3 0AL